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Preparing For A Tournament

03/11/2015, 2:15pm PDT
By Volleyball Recruits


[Text Box:] National qualifier tournaments are here! What does this mean? You will be traveling across the country, playing lots of volleyball, staying in hotels, going to tons of practice, and most importantly, working hard on your recruiting process. The month of March will mark the beginning of the heaviest time of year for recruiting; don’t be behind!

The national qualifiers that majority of club programs attend across the country will be buzzing with hundreds of college coaches. These college coaches come prepared with a list of 200+ potential recruits that they want to see and evaluate. The key is to get on that list PRIOR to the beginning of the tournament.

Before you get on that list, you must make sure that you are preparing properly when reaching out to college coaches. You want to send out a message to the 30-50 schools that you are interested in the week prior to the tournament; we refer to this as your “Target List." This message will remind college coaches that you are interested, educate them on where you will be playing and give them another chance to see your “athletic profile” to evaluate you.

As a member, you have access to a full player profile, tracking analytics to who views your profile/video, a database with EVERY college coach in the country registered, and a professional way to market yourself to the coaching community. The goal is to make this as easy as possible for college coaches and providing them with all of this information is the first step.

Tournament season is a key factor in the recruiting process. Coaches want to see their “favorite” recruits in person and you want to make sure you are giving yourself the highest possibility at getting their attention. The days of college coaches walking into a gym and pointing out players is over. They now have several lists of the recruits they are interested in and are constantly updating/changing those lists. helps streamline the entire communication process that happens between a player and a college coach. There are several features available to help maximize your exposure to the college community. To learn more about, call Stephanie at 303-800-9125 or email!

Need high quality match footage? See where will be traveling with a filming crew here:



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